Our Story: The Happy Home Lifestyle Candle Co.

Hello Beautiful beings,



I want to welcome you to the happiest place on Earth! The HH in “The HH Lifestyle” stands for “Happy Home”. Our collection of lux home products promote spiritual affluence and overall happiness. We believe that if you fill your space with the most beautiful and positive things that your personal world will reflect just that. That is why our products have positive affirmations that not only you but anyone in your space will enjoy, we hold a very exclusive selection of fragrances that are chosen with each room in your home in mind, and products that are non-crucial and crafted consciously to not harm the environment.

Before I started creating my products I had been on a long journey searching for my happy. I was transitioning from one state to another, leaving my established life and friends behind and I struggled for a very long time. It wasn’t until I rearranged my room and changed my space around that my happy started to peek its little head out; and then I lit a candle. Lighting that first candle after my initial home purge was like lighting the way too my freedom. Fast forward I made a vow to help people who were once in my position. People looking for their happy everywhere except for inside of their home, where it starts. Im here to help you make happiness your lifestyle.