A dreamy collaboration between myself and the gorgeous Hannah, owner of Mondays Wholefoods.
Hannah invited me along to the launch of Mondays opening for the evenings (which you should totally check out) and in our brief "hellos" we mentioned doing a collab.  Fast forward a couple of months and here we are, inviting you my Babe to...
Experience 27 hours of oceanside yoga, delicious whole food meals, time in nature, connecting with others, wellness conversations with our favourite holistic health experts, surfing + glamping in beautiful belle tents - All just 35 minutes away at Auckland's beautiful Muriwai Beach.
Hannah and I reconnected a few weeks ago to brainstorm and I'm so incredibly excited to offer you this getaway here in Auckland!
I often have people asking me about doing a New Zealand retreat so this is my offering to you in the form of a magic collab I'm incredibly blessed to be part of!
Check out all the details of this superb collab HERE.

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